A Canada-wide manufacturer recall notice has prompted STO to pull dozens of buses off the roads because of a fire risk.

Nova Bus said they’re issuing the recall because a faulty alternator cable in the engine of some buses may increase the risk of a fire.

The recall affects 68 of 300 buses in Gatineau, but the STO said it will not affect passenger service. Nova Bus said they won’t need the buses returned to them, but can replace the part with an hour or two of work on-site.

The recalled part could potentially affect 1,500 transit buses in Canada.

Both Nova Bus and the STO said an engine fire in a Gatineau bus two weeks ago was not connected to the recall.

The fire on Aug. 8 destroyed the STO bus's engine compartment. The bus was carrying passengers, but no one was injured.

STO spokesperson Céline Gauthier said the STO called the manufacturer to let them know what happened, only to discover the recall, which had been issued more than a month earlier on July 2.

An investigation into what caused the fire is ongoing, and there's nothing at this time to suggest the fire is related to the recalled part.

Gauthier said STO will be asking questions about Nova's way of communicating recalls.

"Of course it is a concern, and this will be part of further discussions with Nova Bus," she said.

Nova's vice president of business affairs, John Kardos, said Nova is following all of the rules. He said that once the company posts a Notice of Defect with Transport Canada, which is viewable online, it has 60 days to determine a remedy and send a notification to owners.

Kardos also said the situation did not require emergency action.