54 people inhale chlorine at Ottawa hotel pool, 3 in hospital

Paramedics treated more than 50 people who inhaled chlorine at a Travelodge hotel pool in Ottawa and they took three to hospital due to excessive vomiting.

Group of children at Travelodge hotel were competing in a water-related sporting event

Ottawa paramedics treated 54 people who inhaled chlorine at a Travelodge hotel pool. 1:31

Ottawa paramedics say they treated 54 people, mostly children, and took three people to hospital after a large group inhaled chlorine from a hotel pool.

Firefighters, paramedics and police responded to the Travelodge hotel at 1376 Carling Ave. at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday after people were exposed to chlorine.

Ottawa paramedics say 54 people were treated for chlorine inhalation after an incident at a Travelodge hotel pool. (CBC)
Paramedics said a large group of children were in Ottawa for a swimming event and they were staying at the hotel. But while in the pool, children and adults inhaled chlorine.

Paramedics said they responded because many people were vomiting and suffered from a shortness of breath. Of the 54 people treated, only a trio was forced to go to hospital. They arrived in stable condition.

An Ottawa Fire hazardous materials crew also responded to the pool for an “abrasive contaminant” and later determined it was chlorine.

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