42K registered for race weekend events

Almost 42,000 runners have registered for Ottawa's Race Weekend this year, about 2,000 more than last year.
This year some 42,000 people are expected run over the two days of the Ottawa Race Weekend 2:31

Cathy Anderson and Rob Wein walked the Ottawa Race Weekend 2K event Saturday with a group of 20 in recognition of Wein's recovery.

Cathy Anderson and Rob Wein walked the 2K Ottawa Race Weekend event in a group of 20 to support Wein's recovery. He was one of five cyclists seriously injured in a Kanata crash in 2009. (Laurie Fagan/CBC)

He was one of five cyclists seriously injured in a crash in Kanata in 2009. His injuries left him unable to cycle.

Almost 42,000 runners signed up for race weekend events — 2,000 more than last year.

Whether it's the 10 kilometre, the half marathon or full marathon, visiting runners have said one of the things that makes Ottawa's Race Weekend so unique is the number of spectators cheering them on.

"Even if you're tired and it's 16 kilometres out or whatever, people are still there to cheer, whereas in some of the smaller towns it's only at the start and at the finish that you actually get that push from the audience," one woman told CBC News. "Here, it's the whole way through."

Every year about 200 runners seek help from on-site doctors for pain or injuries. Most are minor cases, but about 10 people are hospitalized each year.

Dr. Jon Hooper said anyone who starts feeling bad during a run should slow down and listen to their body.

He also said that once runners reach the finish line, it's important to walk for a few minutes instead of coming to a complete stop.