2nd heart attack victim saved at gym in 2 days

Ottawa paramedics had to save a man's life after a mid-workout heart attack for the second day in a row.
Another man collapsed while working out today after a city councillor collapsed at a gym Monday. 2:49

For the second day in a row, paramedics rushed to a gym to save a man in cardiac arrest.

Sheldon Nimijean is one of the Ottawa Athletic Club staff members who helped a man who suffered a heart attack on Tuesday morning. (CBC)

This latest call came in at about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday from the Ottawa Athletic Club, where a man in his 60s collapsed after running on a treadmill.

Gym staff delivered two shocks with an automatic external defibrillator after administering CPR.

"He wasn't feeling well, sat down on the treadmill, and then was unconscious," said gym staff member Sheldon Nimijean. "He just collapsed. … I assessed the situation and realized he wasn't breathing, and started immediate CPR. … Luckily we had the right staff, properly trained staff here. We also had a doctor here, also a member here, who was assisting."

The doctor assisted with the defibrillator, Nimijean said, adding that the victim was a longtime member at the gym.

'The right people were here at the right time'

"We were able to bring him back. ... I'd say that the right people were here at the right time to assist this gentleman," Nimijean said.

Paramedics took about five minutes to arrive at the scene. They found that the man had a pulse, but he was struggling to breathe on his own. They placed a breathing tube in his throat and an intravenous line in his arm.

The man started to breathe on his own when he arrived at hospital. He was alert and speaking to paramedics, they said.

On Monday, paramedics responded to the GoodLife Fitness centre at the Place D'Orleans mall when east Ottawa city Coun. Stephen Blais suffered a heart attack.

Blais is currently recovering in the intensive care unit of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.