Canada’s transportation safety authority says a Trans States Airlines flight went off the Ottawa International Airport’s runway because it was going too fast and hydroplaned.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) released its findings into United Express Flight 3363 on Thursday.

The flight, operated by Trans States, went off the left side of the airport’s runway on Sept. 4, 2011, causing a fuel leak but no fire and no injuries.

The TSB’s report said the plane’s speed during its final approach was over the company’s stabilization limit, but the crew didn’t pull up and try again.

Instead, it said they sped up right before landing and touched down some 3,000 feet further down the runway than planned.

The plane then hydroplaned because of the speed, a soft landing and the use of the emergency brake, which disabled its anti-skid system.

It lost control and went off the left side of the runway, but all 44 passengers were safe.

The TSB said the Ottawa International Airport bought two emergency shelters to help emergency evacuations during inclement weather.

It said the airport will also resurface the runway in question and add 300 metre “runway end safety areas”, similar to what has been done to some of its other runways.