2 toddlers out of CHEO after being struck

Ottawa police are considering laying charges against a driver after a pair of two-year-old girls were struck in Kanata while with their babysitter.

Girls released from hospital, police seek review as they consider laying charges

Two young children were struck by a vehicle in a residential Kanata neighbourhood on Thursday. 2:06

Residents of a Kanata neighbourhood are complaining about people ignoring a residential stop sign after two toddlers were struck by a vehicle Thursday morning.

Ottawa paramedics said they treated two girls, both two years old, after they were hit near the intersection of McElroy Drive and Rickey Place in Kanata.

Ottawa police and paramedics responded to the scene of a crash in Kanata on Thursday morning, where two toddlers were struck by a vehicle. (Submitted photo)

The children were with a babysitter when the crash happened at about 8:50 a.m., according to paramedics. The babysitter and a third child were not injured.

One of the girls was treated for head and internal injuries, as well as an injury to one arm. The second girl suffered minor bruises and she was in stable condition at CHEO.

Both girls have been released from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

People living in the area said people often ignore the T-intersection stop sign.

"Coming down Rickey turning onto McElroy, nobody stops for the stop sign," said neighbour Jessica Quenneville. "No matter if it's 9 o'clock in the morning or 5 o'clock at night, people just whizz right through it. All the time.

"It's not just me, other neighbours will tell you the same thing. People neglect stop signs in this area, and something should be done about it."

Bernard Wambolt, another neighbour, agreed.

"It's pretty busy. It's a very busy intersection, and that stop sign is ignored pretty well both ways. People just do a rolling stop around it. And there's a lot of children, babies, being walked around here on strollers and such."