A 46-year-old Ottawa man is facing charges after "two emaciated, dehydrated dogs" were found locked in his home, according to the Ottawa Humane Society.

Humane society investigators allege that the dogs — a 12-year-old whippet pitbull named Sheeba and an 11-year-old English springer spaniel named Cody — were left alone in the home "for up to three weeks."

The society received an email tip that their owner had moved away, according to a media release. When investigators arrived, they found the house "in shambles," with garbage, urine and feces throughout. 

“They [the dogs] were skin and bones,” said Miriam Smith, an Ottawa Humane Society inspector, in the release. “We probably got there just in time.”

The two dogs were taken to the humane society shelter for emergency treatment and are recovering.

The man is charged with permitting distress and failing to comply with the standards of care. His first court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 12.