Some people in Centretown are concerned about the safety of a tree after a branch snapped and crashed onto the roof of a car with four people inside.

It came five days after a major storm blew through eastern Ontario and western Quebec.

Caroline Pestieau and her husband were taking their two grandsons bowling Wednesday morning when the incident happened.

The family was in its car, stopped at the corner of Percy and Flora streets, when an eight metre long tree branch crashed onto its roof.


The tree fell five days after a major storm blew through eastern Ontario and western Quebec. (Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco/CBC)

"Suddenly there was a bang. The larger part hit the back of the car and the smaller part hit the front," said Pestieau.

Pestieau says the branch narrowly missed her grandsons in the backseat.

"The little boys could get out. They weren't particularly scared, but we were certainly surprised," she said.

No one hurt

No one was hurt, but the incident has neighbours wondering whether other branches on the old maple tree are at risk of falling.

Paul Pilotte was working on Flora Street and called 911 after the incident. He said he was amazed no one was hurt.

"Anything could have happened, like people in there could have been killed or something. If it was a bigger branch than that," said Pilotte.

The tree is more than 20 metres tall.

Neighbour Francois Dussault said he's not sure why the branch snapped, but hopes the city will inspect it to check for rotting branches.

"Hopefully the city will answer that all the other branches are safe so nothing else happens," said Dussault.

Pestieau's car is in a garage with $4,000 worth of damage.