The Calypso Water Park in Limoges, Ont., is open and promoting a new ride, but two slides on its Summit Tower remain closed pending an inspection from the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

The Orange Bobsleigh and the Toboggan Alley were shut down after a number of reported incidents last summer, including when one man fractured his skull in a waterslide crash.

Other people at the park also reported ride operators were sending tubes down the slides too fast.

The park has added some new measures to try and have the rides in question reopened, including adding extra sprinklers to the Orange Bobsleigh and elongating the slow-down zone on both slides.

Investigation ongoing

But the rides will remain shut down until investigators with the TSSA complete an inspection next week.

Guy Drouin, president and CEO of Calypso Waterpark, said safety is his primary concern.

"We put everything to be as safe as possible. But as I said we cannot prevent, every, every thing," said Druoin.

The TSSA's investigation is still ongoing.

Once complete, Calypso could face a range of possible consequences, including facing additional safety orders, imposing conditions on the park's license or even shutting the park down entirely and prosecuting them in court.

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