2 accused in teen prostitution trial won't take stand

Two Ottawa teens who entered guilty pleas last month will not testify against a third teenaged girl charged with running a prostitution ring.

Warning: Story contains details that may offend some readers

Two Ottawa teens who entered guilty pleas last month will not testify against a third teenage girl charged with running a prostitution ring.

The three girls were charged in June 2012 with a total of 74 charges, including human trafficking and sexual assault.

In a surprise move late last month, two of the accused reversed their not guilty pleas to guilty.

One pleaded guilty to assault, exploitation, recruiting for purposes of prostitution, assault and robbery, and child pornography. Justice Diane Lahaie ordered her to undergo a psychiatric assessment before sentencing in December.

Shortly after, another also entered a guilty plea to four charges including assault and exploitation.

The 16-year-old alleged ringleader, meanwhile, has not changed her not guilty plea and remains on trial.

She faces charges of human trafficking, making and distributing child pornography and sexual assault.

Crown Attorney Farah Rupert confirmed Tuesday morning she will call just four more witnesses and said the two teens who pleaded guilty won't testify against their co-accused.

14-year-old breaks down in court

A 14-year-old girl broke down in tears under cross examination while testifying about being forced to have oral sex.

The teenage girl was 13 at the time of the alleged incidents in 2012.

On the stand she said she didn't initially tell police about the oral sex because she was ashamed and embarrassed.

She told the Crown that the accused arranged for her to give a "40-something-year-old man" oral sex in his white BMW.

She said the man told her, "I've paid for sex and I'm going to get it."

Defence lawyer Joshua Clarke asked her to elaborate on details of the sex act.

She answered some of his questions, but to others she replied "I can't remember."

Clarke, clearly growing impatient, said, "You're going to have to be clear. You were the only one there." 

Her voice dropped to a whisper before she broke down crying and left the courtroom. 

An Ottawa police constable finished the day by testifying that she noticed faint bruising on the alleged victim's cheek and clavicle when she took her statement, and added there was also red broken blood vessels under the girl's eye.