City of Ottawa officials say motorists face a challenging winter ahead with more than 100 road repair projects set to continue.

At a briefing Friday morning, city staff said they plan to put more workers and machines into the downtown core, including plows and tow trucks positioned in key locations, to quickly respond to traffic slowdowns and accidents caused by winter weather.

The city also plans to reschedule hundreds of its employees to avoid rush hour traffic driving to and from work. The city has spoken with the top 20 employers in the downtown area to do the same.

Commuters are expected to be most affected by highway widening work along Nicholas Street at Highway 417, Sussex Drive, Hunt Club Road, Trim Road and March Road. 

The city is allocating about $62 million this year for its snow-clearing budget.

Snow crews will cover more than 6,000 kilometres of roads and 2,000 kilometres of sidewalks, as well as the Transitway and bus stops.

The city's public works department plans to hold an information session on Nov. 25 to discuss winter snow and ice removal operations. It will take place at city hall at 3 p.m.