People turned in 1,035 guns to Ottawa police during an amnesty program that exchanged the guns for digital point-and-shoot cameras.

Since Oct. 7, residents exchanged 735 shotguns/rifles, 178 handguns and 122 air guns and other types of guns for cameras.

The Pixels for Pistols program was sponsored by Henry's and Olympus Canada.

"Together we have ensured that 1,035 guns were safely turned in," said Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau in a media release. "We are very happy with the tremendous response to this program."

Everyone who turned in an operational firearm received an Olympus VG-160 Digital point-and-shoot camera and a Henry's School of Imaging course valued at $175.

Over the next few weeks, some of the collected guns will be tested by police to ensure they haven't been used in the commission of crimes.

After testing, the firearms will be held for 90 days before being destroyed.

The last gun amnesty program in Ottawa took place in 2008 and collected 490 guns over an 18-day period.