Twenty personal care attendants at Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital will see their jobs vanish after Bruyère Continuing Care decided to phase out the positions.

Bruyère Continuing Care said it was facing a budget shortfall of $2 million and needed to find ways to trim costs.

The 20 personal care attendant positions work in rehabilitation and palliative care, but Bruyère found no other comparable hospital had dedicated positions performing a similar role.

"This care team will continue to provide the services which were supported by PCAs. The additional time registered staff will spend with patients will enhance the quality of care and will ensure any change in a patient’s condition is noted and addressed immediately," said Bruyère Continuing Care interim CEO Michel Bilodeau.

The staff work under a collective agreement and the health care provider said it would look into reassignment of staff, early retirement or voluntary leave with enhanced severance pay before considering layoffs.

The process is expected to take about six months.