Olympic stadium's safety in question

Big trade shows will be shut out of the olympic stadium again this winter.

Montreal fire prevention authorities and the province's construction regulator still haven't certified the roof's safety.

The last edition of the Montreal International Auto Show had to be moved to Place Bonaventure because the Big O's playing field was closed. But the auto show found that facility too small.

So this year, it's going back to the Olympic park, even though it will have to set up around a covered swimming pool.

Jean-Paul Lalonde, the auto show's president, says he's not sure why there's still no solution to problems with the stadium's roof:

"Right now, the OIB (Olympic Installations Board) is in negotiations with Birdair (the company which supplied the stadium's roof), trying to find a mediations with different solutions. That, because we're an auto show, we're not included in," says Lalonde.

Lalonde says there's plenty of room in the temporary facility for his show, but he says the stadium would be even better. He hopes the dispute will be settled soon.

"We certainly hope that the OIB, Birdair and the different people involved will be able to fix the roof for a permanent solution," says Lalonde.

Lalonde says he hopes to be back in the stadium for the 2002 auto show.