Odd Squad poster girl dead

Two years ago a Vancouver police special squad was filming April Lynn Reoch's life on the Downtown Eastside's mean streets.

Today Vancouver police homicide detectives are investigating the 25 year old woman's death.

Reoch's body was found Christmas morning, stuffed in a fabric bag lying in a rooming house garbage area.

Police consider the death suspicious but don't yet know whether she overdosed or if she was murdered.

Reoch was one of six people featured in a Vancouver police documentary film called "Through a Blue Lens".

When members of the force's anti-drug unit called the Odd Squad started filming Reoch, she was a young titian-haired beauty.

Within months she was a drug ravaged skeleton whose heart was failing from substance abuse.

While police showed the gritty film to wide-eyed kids in high school gyms, April tried to shake her drug monkey in detox.

Friend Danny Dee says "She tried to detox five times in the time I knew her. When they failed, she blamed herself and her self esteem just went out the door."

Recently she was back in a Surrey recovery house, but skipped out after receiving a $6,000 cheque from the Squamish Band because she was a status Indian.

Police are waiting for autopsy results to confirm the cause of her death.

Dee says "She always wanted a better life for all the people around her and its really sad that it had to end this way."