Nurse appeals Workers Compensation Tribunal decision

Lawyers for a nurse with chemical sensitivities wants to appeal a decision that denied him temporary disability benefits, after claiming his work environment contributed to his illness.

Last month, the Workers Compensation Appeals Tribunal ruled that environmental conditions at the former Camp Hill Medical Centre did not make Byron Trucz sick.

Trucz's lawyers hope the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal will agree to hear their case which claims the tribunal made ten overall mistakes including suggesting their client wasn't exposed to anything at work to make him sick.

Anne Clark is one of Trucz's lawyers and she says that even if the court decides to hear the appeal, it probably won't happen until the fall.

In the meantime, the tribunal will continue to hear about 200 appeals using the Trucz case as a precedent.

The tribunal has until mid-October to hear all of the appeals, but has tried to get a six-month extension of that deadline.