Is it already over?

In partnership with Corporate Research Associates, the Halifax Chronicle Herald has been publishing a rolling poll that tracks the daily popularity of political parties and their leaders. It's the first time a poll of this type has been published during a Nova Scotia election.

Mainstreet spinbusters

Picture of the Mainsteet Spinbusters. From left: Michelle Coffin, Mike Kydd, Barbara Emodi. (CBC)

The poll puts the Nova Scotia Liberal Party in the lead, but it's still unclear if the political poll reflects or influences voters.

As the last full week of the election winds down, CBC's Mainstreet turned to its spinbusters to make sense of the numbers.

The spinbusters:

  • Barbara Emodi teaches communications at Mount Saint Vincent University.
  • Michelle Coffin teaches political science at Dalhousie and St Mary's universities.
  • Mike Kydd is president of the Merit Contractors Association and teaches advertising and communications management at Mount Saint Vincent University

Click on the above audio link to hear what the panel had to say.