Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil is looking ahead to what a Liberal government would do early in its mandate if the party is elected tomorrow.

McNeil identified several priorities at a campaign stop in Elmsdale outside Halifax Sunday, including a promise to call an inquiry into allegations of abuse at an orphanage and to lay the groundwork to increase competition on the province's energy grid.

NDP Leader Darrell Dexter spent his time in rural Nova Scotia, where he raised the spectre of Liberal cuts he says will jeopardize programs vital to the province's smaller communities.

At a park in downtown Halifax, Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie said the Liberals have shown that they are too similar to the NDP and don't have a plan to balance the budget or to reduce power rates.

The Liberals and Tories have largely narrowed their messages to economic issues in the final days of the campaign while the NDP said healthcare has emerged as the fundamental issue on the minds of voters.