Although they're years away from being able to cast votes in an election, some Cape Breton students held a mock election on Monday to learn about the importance of the democratic process.

George D. Lewis School in Louisbourg is one of 225 schools across the province taking part this year in Student Vote Nova Scotia, a parallel election program for students under the voting age that coincides with official election periods​.

For the past four weeks, elementary and high school students have had the chance to meet candidates, ask questions and vote for who they think is the best person for the job.

"If you vote for the wrong person and they get in, instead of fixing problems they can cause more problems," said Grade 9 student Matthew Peck.

Junior high teacher Natasha Burke-Morash said it's important for students to understand the qualities of a good politician.

"They need to be trustworthy, hard-working, that they need to be friendly and have to listen to the concerns of the constituents," she said. 

The program gives students hands-on experience with a mock voting booth and an opportunity to cast their ballots. 

"Now I know what to expect when voting and I know that it will help everybody and how much of a change and difference it can make," said Grade 8 student Kailey MacKay. 

"We have the right to vote and everybody's voice has the right to be heard," said Grade 9 student Brody MacDonald.

Many students say they now understand the importance of getting involved in the electoral process as a way to make a difference in their communities.

"I think if you are an adult and you can vote, I say you should go out and do it. It's very important," said Peck.

"You should always vote because if you don't vote then you can't really complain," said Grade 5 student Katy Pope.

Some students say no matter who forms the next government in Nova Scotia, they hope the party can live up to it's election promises. 

Although their votes don't count in this election, their results will be publicized Tuesday night when the polls close.