Fans of the Halifax Mooseheads are thrilled that star goalie Zach Fucale is back in town and lacing up his skates.

“It was a great experience in Montreal,” he said. “But I am glad to be back to start the season.”

Fucale was picked by the Montreal Canadians during the 2013 draft. He’s since signed a three-year contract with the team.

Fucale just finished training camp, which he said was thrilling.

“Having a chance to pay at the Bell Centre, especially with a jersey on, is something really special that I’ll remember my whole life.”

Fulcale’s trip to Montreal came with another surprise – the chance to suit up for a pre-season game. The experience has been a whirlwind for the 18-year-old.

“It’s the NHL, right! It’s the highest level, and there’s a lot of things to work on in order to get there.”

Back in Moose Nation

Fucale will have a chance to fine-tune those skills as he joins his Memorial Cup winning team.

But the Mooseheads are off to a rocky start. With most of its star players gone, there’s no doubt pressure will be on Fucale.

“I’m a goaltender and I have to just keep it simple and stop the puck for the team, and give the chance for the team to win every night.”