Xerox layoffs

Xerox Canada announced Tuesday it is cutting 48 jobs from its Dartmouth call centre. (The Associated Press)

Xerox Canada says it is laying off 48 people from its Dartmouth call centre, the third large employer this month to announce job cuts in the metro Halifax area.

Xerox spokesman John Quinn said as the company planned for 2014, it decided it didn’t need four dozen employees at its Dartmouth centre.

Those staff supported business clients. Some departures are immediate; other workers were given 30 or 60 days notice, Quinn said

“Decisions like this are never taken lightly, and certainly not easy,” Quinn said.

“But I can say that those employees that were impacted will be provided with support to assist in finding a new place to continue in their careers.”

Another 135 workers remain employed at the site.

It’s another significant slate of jobs cuts to hit the Halifax Regional Municipality during October.

Earlier this month, embattled BlackBerry said it was shutting down its Bedford office, affecting at least 350 employees.

And just last week, call centre operator Convergys announced it was closing its Dartmouth location, which employs 130 people.