Nova Scotia is the only province in Canada where an election date can be a rumour, but the province’s election officials say their job would be a lot easier if Bluenosers followed suit and adopted a fixed date.

For Nova Scotians, election speculation is rampant. There are partisan signs on lawns, MLA hopefuls are renting out office space for their headquarters and reporters are prepping; however, there’s no clear date on when the election will be called.

It’s up to Premier Darrell Dexter to drop the writ, unless the NDP government is defeated in the legislature.

Dana Doiron, director of policy and communications at Elections Nova Scotia, said if he worked anywhere but in Nova Scotia he would be able say when the vote happens.

"We are the last jurisdiction in Canada that doesn't have a fixed date election," he said. "It means our job would be easier for one thing. Elections Nova Scotia has to be ready every day.That means training and retraining."

Elections Nova Scotia goes from 16 employees to 6,000 workers when there's an election on.

Doiron said no government in Nova Scotia has introduced legislation to adopt fixed elections.

The election can’t be more than five years and 30 days after last election.

The Nova Scotia assembly expires on June 14, 2014.

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