Many Nova Scotians face a shortfall in the wood they use to heat their homes.

Ed MacDonnell of Conform Limited in Middle Musquodoboit says his company usually serves about 500 homeowners a year.

But this year, about half of those customers are being turned away.

"At present, we're probably turning away five to six customers per day on average," he said.

Larry Ward has his supply already, but some of his friends are suffering.

"There are people who didn't order enough or they've burned more than they expected and they're short and they can't get wood. The supply is just short right now,” he said.

Pulp companies using more hardwood

MacDonnell has a few theories about why that supply is shrinking.

“I know the pulp companies, some of their specs of their products have changed somewhat. I think there's more hardwood being used in their processes. Biomass power generating plants — there would be some demand on hardwood coming from them,” he said.

Conform Limited has decided to only to sell to people who live within 25 kilometres of its operation to help slow demand.