A Dartmouth woman accused of running down her neighbour with a van was found not criminally responsible of attempted murder.

Laura Martin, 32, was charged with attempted murder, assault with a weapon, aggravated assault and dangerous driving after her neighbour, Melissa Boon, was run over in May.

Boon was on a moped speaking to Halifax Regional Police officers about a dispute with a neighbour. While they were speaking, police said a van travelling on Everette Street sped up and smashed into Boon and the police vehicle.

Boon's partner told CBC News she had two broken arms and two broken legs. Her pelvis was broken in three places and was held together by metal bars.

Judge Alanna Murphy accepted a psychiatric report that described Martin as psychotic at the time of the incident and sent the 32-year-old woman to the East Coast Forensic Hospital for further treatment.

"I am satisfied that at the time of the acts that were acknowledged by Ms. Martin, that she was suffering from a mental disorder so as to be exempted from criminal responsibility," Murphy said in her ruling.

Murphy said Martin's case is now the responsibility of the East Coast Forensic Hospital and a review board there will monitor her progress and decide when she may be released back into the community.

The board must conduct its first review of Martin's case within 45 days of the June 28 ruling.