A woman facing 117 fraud-related charges was arrested at this Bedford home Wednesday. ((CBC))

New details are emerging about a woman facing dozens of fraud charges in Halifax.

Lesa George was charged Wednesday, accused of obtaining both a Bank of Montreal MasterCard and an American Express Card in the name of Laura Gerrior.

It isn't the first time George has been in trouble with the law.

According to court documents, the woman uses the following names:

  • Lesa George
  • Leesa Jurgan
  • Lesa Jurgan
  • Lisa Anne George Worth

A total of 117 charges were laid against George this week.

Many of the charges relate to allegations, George rented numerous properties under false pretenses.

One of the rental properties she's accused of defrauding is the Cambridge Suites on Brunswick Street in Halifax.

The real estate firm Prudential Property Specialists is also listed as a victim.

There are numerous small claims cases against George, as well as theft and fraud charges outstanding in Bridgewater.

CBC News also found two criminal convictions of note.

In 2002, George was convicted of fraud in a case involving Sears.

In 2006, she was charged with defrauding the Bank of Montreal in Bedford.

She obtained a car loan of $38,000 to buy a new vehicle from Steele Mazda, but to qualify for the loan, she told the bank that she was vice-president of operations for a company called Oka Consulting, made $92,000 a year and owned a townhouse on Peruz Court in Bedford.

She was actually working in a dentist's office earning $11 an hour.

The townhouse she claimed to own was actually owned by someone else and had a mortgage attached.

Once the bank found out, the car was repossessed and sold at auction.

George was convicted of fraud, sentenced to eight months in jail and ordered to repay the bank more than $21,000.

She's due back in court next week.