Krista Nash retrieved a suitcase full of lobster that belongs to her sister-in-law. (CBC)

Halifax Regional Police have cracked a very fishy case involving lost luggage filled with frozen lobster and Christmas gifts.

A Metro Transit bus driver found a black, medium-sized suitcase near Kearney Lake Road and Dunbrack Street at approximately 11 a.m. on Dec. 31.

The driver turned the suitcase over to Halifax Regional Police. They opened it up to find several packages of frozen lobster, a Wii, gifts and women's clothing.

The police put out a call for help on Wednesday.

"Are you missing a suitcase full of lobster and gifts?" Halifax Regional Police said in release. "Officers were unable to find any identification to determine the rightful owner."

It didn't take long to find the owner.

The story quickly spread through social media. In the meantime, Krista Nash — the suitcase owner's sister-in-law — had posted a message on Kijiji asking for help in finding the suitcase. An unidentified woman saw both the Kijiji advertisement and the police notice and contacted Nash.

"I didn't even get her name, I was so excited," Nash told reporters on Wednesday.

"Her phone number didn't show up on the phone so I couldn't even call back but very thankful that she was able to put two and two together and give me a call."

'It's still frozen'

Nash said the suitcase belongs to her sister-in-law, Stacey Nash, who had been visiting Nova Scotia from Toronto. The family drove her to the airport on New Year's Eve in a pickup truck.

"It was an early morning flight and we were heading to the airport and my husband put my sister-in-law's suitcase on the back of the truck. He thought she was going to put her other bag in there so he left the tailgate down," said Nash.


This suitcase full of Christmas gifts and lobster was returned to the owner's family on Wednesday. (CBC)

"He always double checks but he didn't this time and we drove off with the tailgate down. When we reached the airport, my husband got out to get my sister-in-law's bag and give it to her and unfortunately, it was not there."

Nash said they backtracked and searched for the suitcase, to no avail.

"We thought for sure after we did our route, our travel back, and it wasn't there that it was definitely gone and someone was having a great New Year's Eve," she said.

Halifax Regional Police said someone at police headquarters placed the lobster in the freezer while the search was on for the owner of the suitcase.

"It's still frozen," said Const. Pierre Bourdages, a spokesman for Halifax Regional Police. "They're going to be able to have lobster."

Nash said her sister-in-law is excited to get her belongings back.

"She is very excited so the next step is trying to figure out how we're going to get it to her," Nash said.

"That is her seafood, that is her souvenir from Nova Scotia, so yes. My children are a little disappointed that it is making the trip but she'll be excited."