Ella Doucet was the first person on the scene after a child fell from an third-storey window on Sunday. (CBC)

A woman who was the first person to come to the aid of a toddler who fell out of a three-storey window on Sunday said she hopes the story will make parents more aware of potential danger.

The incident happened just before 4 p.m. yesterday at a Spryfield apartment building at 70 Mountain Rd. 

A three-year-old climbed to the window of the third-floor apartment and pushed through the screen, falling to the rocks below.

Ella Doucet lives on the second floor of the building and was the first to reach the toddler after the fall.

"I heard crying, so I went to check the window there. I looked up and there was no screen there, I looked down and the baby was down below," Doucet told CBC News.

"I ran and my husband called the police and I tried to get down there but I fell going down. And then he had his hands up so I picked him up. I know I probably did wrong, but I picked him up and held his head and passed him to my husband."

Police and EHS rushed the boy to hospital, where he was kept overnight for observation. 

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations for children under 15, said Chantal Walsh of the IWK Child Safety Link. Screens are not sufficient to protect a child, so parents should think about keeping windows closed, or using something to prevent the window from opening enough that a child can fall out, she said.

"And also consider a window guard or a gate that can be a more protective barrier," she said. Anything a child can climb on should be kept away from a window or a balcony, she said.

On Monday police said he wasn't seriously injured in the fall, and suffered only minor scrapes and bruises

Police say no criminal charges will be laid.