Widow speaks out after random Halifax killing

The widow of an elderly man killed in Halifax this weekend is calling on the people responsible for his death to come forward.
Sheila Oakley holds a wedding photo of her and her husband Glenn. (CBC)

The widow of an elderly man killed in Halifax this weekend is calling on the people responsible for his death to come forward.

Sheila Oakley's husband Glenn left their home in the Spryfield area of the city for his usual evening walk just before 7 p.m. Saturday. He did not return. His wife waited up late playing cards, mistakenly believing someone had to be missing for 24 hours before the police would investigate.

In the meantime, two women found her husband unresponsive on the street and called for help. He died in hospital. Police say it was a random attack.

Oakely learned what had happened when police arrived at her home at 2 a.m. They showed her a photo of Glenn Oakley in hospital shortly before he died. She confirmed it was her husband and police said he had been a homicide victim.

"I have no answers why he was murdered. I have no idea," she said Monday. "He never bothered anybody, he just went about his business."  

Glenn Oakley turned 70 on Nov. 3. His wife said they had only ever had minor problems in their neighbourhood.

'When they killed him, they killed me'

"I want to know who the culprits are that did this to him. When they killed him, they killed me. They tore the heart right out of my chest," she said.

Sheila Oakley says those who killed her husband, killed her too.
"Death is hard to deal with, but when it's a violent death, it's that much harder to deal with because you don't know the reasoning behind it," she went on.

"I wish whoever did this would come and tell me why and what they did it for. I just want to know the truth and the reason behind why they murdered him for no reason at all."

She described her husband as a quiet man who took a half-hour walk every evening to have some time with his thoughts.  

"Life is hard. I don't know if I'm coming or going," she said.  

Killing was random: police

Halifax Regional Police said Oakley was discovered gravely injured on the ground on a Drysdale Road bridge.

"At about 10:30 p.m., two women discovered a man in medical distress. EHS arrived and he was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead," Const. Brian Palmeter said.

He said police believe it was a random attack by strangers. He would not say how Oakley died and asked anyone with information on the attack to come forward.