The redesign of White Point Beach Lodge was unveiled Tuesday, just three months after part of it was destroyed by fire.

The main building of the 83-year-old resort on Nova Scotia's South Shore burned down in November, destroying the dining room, kitchen and some guest rooms.

The resort received more than 100 design ideas from visitors, employees and residents in the area, said owner Robert Risley.

The bulk of the work was done over a three-day period between management and the design team — WHW Architects and J.W. Lindsay Enterprises.

The result is a slightly smaller version of the original 30,000 square foot building and is set back a little further from the water than the first one.

The design includes the same hipped roof the original lodge, and there will be two large fireplaces instead of just one.

The entrance and the main room will have more windows to give visitors an improved view of the ocean.

Work could begin in April, and Risley said he hopes to rehire many of the more than 100 employees who lost their jobs because of the fire.

Risley said he hopes the resort will be back in business by November.