More than 574 complaints about potholes in Halifax have flooded in since the beginning of December, according to city staff — more than all of last year’s winter season.

The early start to the pothole season has left roads around Halifax pockmarked.

Terry McGrath takes travellers to and from the airport and said he has a mental map of potholes to avoid because he can't afford to have his town car in the shop.

“That all contributes to lost driving time and lost income,” he said.

While things may seem worse this winter, driving instructor Tom Furlong said it doesn’t help much to complain.

“It's pothole city. You got to avoid them. Does it rain? Yes it rains. What do you do about it? Turn on your wipers. Do we have potholes? Yes we do. What do you do about them? You avoid them,” he said.

He advises his young drivers to look ahead and straddle potholes rather than go around.

If hitting one is inevitable, Furlong suggests slowing down by laying off the brakes to spare the car’s suspension.

“I think we got a bumper crop this year,” he said. “I've seen probably more potholes than I've seen before.

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