Halifax Regional Municipality spent $217,000 on a rebranding strategy — part of which asked what its citizens want to call Nova Scotia's capital. But we thought we'd just ask you.

The new report suggests that most people are ready to just use "Halifax" to describe where they live, rather than adding regional municipality to the title.

The conclusion is part of a rebranding exercise started by consultants last fall. Answer our survey below to tell us what you think the supercity should be called. 

Celeste Godin has lived in both Dartmouth and on the Halifax peninsula. She says officially adopting Halifax will be a hard sell to the other communities.

“I don’t think that people who live in Dartmouth perceive that they live in Halifax. I think that’s going to be difficult,” she said. “I think we’d be a stronger community if we all used the same word to describe where we live. But I think that’s improbable.”

Godin says Greater Halifax might be more palatable.

“I think if we could find a name that’s not just Halifax that shows that we’re part of many communities [that] make Halifax,” she said.

Godin adds the public should get a vote on a name change.

The consultants also asked 20,000 people about what they thought of where they lived and worked.

Some of the positive responses included: it's friendly, authentic and resilient. However, the report also says Nova Scotia's capital doesn't like change and has a "pervasive negative attitude."

Councillors will be asked to endorse the rebranding strategy at Tuesday’s weekly meeting.

Revolve Branding Inc. of Bedford was awarded the consulting job in November.