Kelly Regan

Labour Minister Kelly Regan says they are giving employers one year to prepare for the new holiday. (CBC)

Nova Scotia is finally following the lead of other provinces by creating a provincial holiday on the third Monday in February.

The Liberal government introduced a bill Thursday to establish the holiday in 2015. The delay is to allow employers to prepare their finances.

"Nova Scotians have told us repeatedly that a mid-winter break is something they want," said Labour Minister Kelly Regan. "The new holiday will give people time to spend with their families and friends, just as the majority of Canadians already do."

The labour department estimates the total cost to employers will be in the range of $75 million.

But Nova Scotia isn't necessarily calling the new holiday Family Day, as some other provinces have. The province is asking school children to come up with a name. 

Regan said details will be announced in the coming months about how young Nova Scotians will be able to participate.