About 570 cyclists cross Halifax's Macdonald Bridge every day, but all that will come to a halt in January 2015 when the redecking project kicks into high gear.

That's when the cycling and walking lanes will be removed from the bridge for at least a year and a half.

“Other than building a bridge, this is the biggest project we’ve ever done,” said Steve Snider, CEO of Halifax Harbour Bridges.

The project will see sections of the bridge removed and placed onto a barge. The first two panels are set to be replaced over Easter weekend, 2015.

“It will have to be executed with what we would call military precision,” said Snider.

Here are five facts about how the project will affect the side lanes:

  1. Halifax Harbour Bridges will spend $1.5 million to help cyclists and pedestrians cross the harbour.
  2. Pedestrian and cycling access will be closed from January 2015 to fall 2016.
  3. Shuttles will run on a load-and-go system, with the possibility of a set schedule if the demand is there.
  4. HHB will purchase three 20-passenger buses and three bicycle trailers to provide shuttles around the clock.
  5. HHB says it has the seasons working in its favour, as the lanes will be removed in January, when traffic is at its lowest.