Weather bomb eyes N.S. and P.E.I.

Nova Scotia was hit with snow on Saturday, which will change into freezing rain and then back into snow by Monday morning.

Snow and freezing rain pummel Nova Scotia

A massive blizzard is turning away from Nova Scotia and towards Prince Edward Island, but Nova Scotians shouldn't expect to dry up anytime soon.

"We can expect a messy mix as we head through the evening hours and windy conditions as the system intensifies," said CBC meteorologist Ross Hull.

Nova Scotia was hit with snow on Saturday, which will change into freezing rain and then back into snow by Monday morning.

"It's a weather bomb," said Hull.

The same system will bring freezing rain and high winds to most of Cape Breton on Sunday.

A snowy, quiet street in Halifax. A passing storm could dump 40 cm of snow on the Maritime city. (Catharine Tunney/CBC)

Marine Atlantic has cancelled its nighttime crossings between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Conditions will worsen Monday, according to Environment Canada.

Both the RCMP and the Halifax police have issued warnings to drivers, asking them to slow down as the streets are covered in snow, creating slick conditions.

Tow trucks had to remove a pickup truck from a frozen lake near Waverley, N.S., after the driver lost control, went over an embankment and ended up on the ice.

The driver got out safely and the vehicle did not break through the ice.

By late afternoon, the wind on the Newfoundland side of the Cabot Strait was hitting 110 kilometeres per hour and is expected to get worse.

Travelling by plane isn't much easier. A handful of flights leaving and landing at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport were either cancelled or delayed.

There's also an overnight parking ban in effect in Halifax to allow for snow removal.

Island braces for winter wallop

A blizzard warning was in effect for the eastern counties of Prince Edward Island earlier. Now, the province is under a wind warning.

Environment Canada forecasts between 15 and 30 centimetres of snow, with very strong northwesterly winds on Monday.

Some Islanders are getting prepared by stocking up on supplies.

"Quite a few people are coming by to stock up as much as they can," said grocery store worker Ben Garnhum. "I know that the pending weather system that's supposed to be coming in is going to be unreal."

Valerie Davidson said living on the coast has taught her to prepare before a blizzard.

"We are stocking up on food, in case we can't get out of the house for the next day or two," she said."Bread, eggs and milk. And cat food, make sure the cat doesn't go without."

"We just pray that the power doesn't go out cause then we're in trouble, we don't have a wood stove. Just putter about, watch some movies. Embrace the storm, it'll be all over by Wednesday and we'll be back to normal."