Canada's privacy commissioner has a warning for the YouTube generation: what you post today could come back to haunt you tomorrow.

Jennifer Stoddart told an audience in Halifax Tuesday she's concerned about the popularity of online sharing sites like YouTube and Facebook.

She cited a recent newspaper story as a cautionary tale for young people sharing information.

"A woman applying for a job was screened out because somebody in the personnel office had researched her name on, I think, YouTube and saw a video of her in a Jello fight and suggested she wouldn't be an appropriate employee for this organization," Stoddart said.

Even with a warning, Stoddartdoesn't expectyoung people to suddenly stop sharingtheir not-so-private moments.

"I think it's important to live out your youth. We all did, but unfortunately, this generation is going to have to live with the consequences of normal youthful follies that previous generations didn't."