Some Kentville area residents got more than they bargained for when they filled up at an Ultramar in the town this week.

An estimated 30 drivers who purchased gas at the Park Street Ultramar in Kentville early on Monday afternoon were affected by what turned out to be water in one of the service station gas tanks.

“It was an unusual situation. We apologize for that but it’s due to severe weather situation we had over last few days, said Pierre Tessier, a spokesperson for the company.

At around 1 p.m. Monday afternoon the first driver pulled into Andy's Tire Shop in New Minas.

“He just made it in the driveway, said he'd just gassed up at Ultramar in Kentville. He said it just started sputtering and died,” apprentice mechanic Glen Stark said.

While that car was waiting for a tow, another limped in. Stark connected the dots.

“He said he just gassed up. I said where did you gas up? ‘Down in Kentville,’ same spot the other guy did and he had the exact same problem,” said Stark.

Mechanic Wayne Hopkins said the affected cars can be repaired, but it won't be cheap.

“If the fuel pump’s ruined, that could be $500 to $600 just for a fuel pump,” he said.

That figure doesn’t include the several hours worth of labour costs.

Ultramar said it will deal individually with each of its affected customers. It's promising to provide rental vehicles, and fully reimburse those affected for any damages.