HMS Ark Royal docked in Halifax Wednesday. (CBC)

British sailors arrived in Nova Scotia on Wednesday aboard the HMS Ark Royal to take part in celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy.

The aircraft carrier is one of more than a dozen foreign warships that will visit Halifax over the next few days.

Queen Elizabeth will review the fleet next Tuesday, escorted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"I think it's special because the roots and the linkages between the Canadian Navy and the Royal Navy go back to the inception of the Canadian Navy," said Royal Navy Commodore Simon Ancona. "Throughout my career I have always worked with Canadians and I think there's a special affiliation, so I'm delighted to be able to bring the group here," he said.

The warships anchored in Halifax harbour and Bedford basin will be open to the public over the weekend. The USS Wasp is the largest ship to visit during the review.