Wafting smoke hurting Maritimes air quality

Many people across the Maritimes have reported smelling smoke in the air from forest fires in eastern Quebec.

Smoke coming from forest fires in Quebec, New Brunswick

This satellite image from NASA shows the smoke plume from Quebec moving over the Gulf towards the Maritimes. (NASA)

A hazy smoke blanketed parts of the Maritimes on Tuesday and continues to affect air quality in the region.

The plume is wafting in from forest fires in eastern Quebec and northern New Brunswick.

Environment Canada issued a special air quality statement on Tuesday for parts of New Brunswick and P.E.I. People in Nova Scotia also reported seeing the thick smoke.

New Brunswick Lung Association nurse Barb Walls said the smoke isn’t dangerous for healthy people, but young children and those with breathing conditions need to take precautions.

She said people might notice some chest tightness and increased wheezing.

"If at all possible, stay indoors. However, if you are staying indoors, then you should keep your windows closed, your fireplace damper shut and doors. If you are using air conditioning, you should have it on re-circulate, so you're not bringing in the air from outside," Wall said.

Environment Canada said the smoke will clear when a southwestern wind blows it along.

"A trough approaching from the west will shift the flow to the south west probably later tomorrow, so certainly during the afternoon tomorrow it looks like the plume will be pushed off to the east of the Maritimes," read the special weather statement.

Environment Canada said people might notice a red sunset on Tuesday because of the smoke.