Volunteer firefighter killed in New Germany car crash

A Nova Scotia man has died after his vehicle left Highway 10 in New Germany early Friday morning, according to RCMP.

Man was responding to a call about a flooded basement

A 60-year-old volunteer firefighter is dead after his vehicle left Highway 10 in New Germany, N.S., early Friday morning.

Deputy Fire Chief Peter Bowers said a call came in around 4 a.m. for help with a flooded basement.

RCMP said the Pinehurst man was responding to the call when the crash happened. Police said the car crossed the road and landed in a ditch.

Bowers said the department is using services available for them to deal with the tragedy.

"We're a close-knit team, we have a department of about 45 members and we are close-knit, and everybody knows everybody else very well. So it's just about as bad as it gets for us right now. It's a dark day," he said.

The man had been a firefighter since 1991, said Bowers.

His name has not been released.