A pedestrian bridge that straddles a busy section of Victoria Road in north-end Dartmouth is under review.  

The councillor for the area said the structure should have been repaired years ago.

Coun. Darren Fisher

Coun. Darren Fisher says the structure should have been repaired years ago. (CBC)

On one side is Harbourview Elementary School, on the other side is John Martin Junior High.   

It's well used during the school year, but Coun. Darren Fisher, who represents the area, said the structure is looking a little worse for wear.

"One of the first things that brought this to my attention was when someone said tiny little pieces of concrete were falling off onto the road," he said.

"I went and checked that out. I couldn’t see any signs of that actually happening but I looked at the structure and there are little bits of concrete missing from where they should be."

An engineering review of the structure started last winter. Fisher said the results of that study will determine if the crossing just needs repairs or has to be replaced.  

Fisher added if there has to be a new one, construction will have to happen right away because students can't get cross the busy road without it.

The results of the structural review are expected within weeks.