A Glace Bay woman wants the pit bull that attacked her to be euthanized, but the owners say she provoked the dog.

Corry MacPhee-Morrison had emergency surgery more than a week ago after being attacked by a pit bull while visiting her brother’s home.

The dog bit her thigh, just millimetres from a major artery.

Kaine the dog

Kaine, a pit bull, bit Corry MacPhee-Morrison's thigh just millimeters from a major artery. (CBC)

She says his ex-girlfriend’s pit bull attacked her. 

“I just went into shock and I just remember my brother tying towels on my leg. I was saying it's burning it's burning. He said that's good you can feel your leg.”

She says the attack happen during a verbal disagreement between her brother and his ex-girlfriend.

Her brother William MacPhee has a different story.

He says it happened after an altercation broke out between Corry and his ex-girlfriend.

“When she hit Kaitlyn the third time. That's when Kaitlyn's dog ran over and bit my sister,” he said.

Kaitlyn MacLeod says the dog was not attacking her for no reason. She feels her dog was provoked and she doesn't want Kaine the dog put down.

“It was her that attacked me and the dog protected its owner,” said MacLeod.

Police and the SPCA are investigating the incident and no charges have been laid.