Tim Hayman

Tim Hayman joined the campaign Sunday to save Via Rail service in the Maritimes. (Carolyn Ray/CBC)

The effort to save the passenger rail link between the Maritimes and the rest of Canada continues with Via Rail supporters gathering Sunday morning at the train station in Halifax.

Four New Democrat MPs are riding the train and urging the federal government to step in and make sure service continues.

Via Rail uses a stretch of track in New Brunswick that is owned by Canadian National Railways. CN has said it will abandon the 70-kilometre line between Bathurst and Miramichi.

Via Rail has said it could cancel passenger service between Quebec and the Maritimes if an investor for the line is not found.

Marsha Lake has been relying on trains to get around since she was 10.

"You don't have a real city if you don't have a train. Canada is about trains," she said. "It's so essential to our very culture here, we really need to keep our trains."

The NDP says the link is essential for many people living in the Maritimes and accuses the Conservative government of doing nothing.

"We're concerned that it's going to go down to the point where they're going to shut it down," said Dartmouth-Cole Harbour MP Robert Chisholm.

Three weeks ago, supporters of Via Rail in the Maritimes staged small rallies at various stops along the route.