Halifax Regional Police are investigating an incident at the Mighty Small Cars store in Dartmouth, where they believe a vehicle was used to smash in the front door and window of the Windmill Road business.

Police say they believe the store was vandalized in a theft.

Mighty Small Cars is located at 552 Windmill Rd. and sells remote-controlled cars, helicopters and boats. It has been in its current location for three years.

Geoff Davis, the owner of Mighty Small Cars, told CBC News that thousands of dollars worth of remote-controlled cars were stolen.

Davis said thieves also vandalized his business in March and that led him to install steel bars on the windows. He said it was "frustrating" that the steel bars didn't stop thieves from driving a vehicle through the doors.

Mighty Small Cars is insured but with deductibles and the fallout from the last robbery, Davis said he's not sure about the level of his compensation from the insurance company.