A van plowed into the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Sydney Monday evening, punching a large hole in the wall.

Cape Breton Regional Police say they believe the 32-year-old driver had a medical condition that led to the crash around 7 p.m. 

Salvation Army Maj. Dena Hepditch said the van lodged itself so far into the building that only the rear bumper was visible from the outside.

"He came straight through our neighbour's property, went right over their lawn, their lawn's tore up, tore a tree up and went right on in through our building and didn't appear to slow down at all,” she said.

The driver has minor injuries, police say, and there was no one in the store at the time.

Hepditch said the store's staff room was destroyed, but insurance is expected to cover the damage.

"There's ceiling tiles hanging, the fridge is on the opposite side of the room, upside down on top of a desk, and everything is just destroyed in that area of the building," she said.