Valley family's plea answered — Ozzy the dog coming home

The pleas of an Annapolis Valley family for someone to bring their much-loved German shepherd home from Alberta have been answered.

Williams family forced to leave German Shepherd in Alberta when they returned to Nova Scotia

Ozzy the dog has been stranded in Alberta. He's owned by the Williams family, who have finally found someone to drive him back to Nova Scotia. (Courtesy Williams family)

The pleas of an Annapolis Valley family for someone to bring their much-loved German Shepherd home from Alberta have been answered.

The Williams family moved to Fort McMurray, Alta., three years ago, but decided to return to Nova Scotia after father Allen lost his job as a delivery driver.

Allen Williams was forced to leave the family dog, Ozzy, in Alberta when he returned to Nova Scotia. He is pictured here with his sons, Brody (centre) and Tyson. (Jack Julian/CBC)

When it came time to fly back, the family dog, Ozzy, and his kennel weighed a combined 125 pounds.

WestJet refused to fly Ozzy. The airline says for safety reasons workers on the tarmac are not allowed to lift any dog and kennel that’s more than 100 pounds.

Most of the family, which includes three boys, returned to Nova Scotia earlier this year.

Williams followed on Oct. 23, but without Ozzy.

"I didn’t know what to do, I was so upset," Allen Williams said. "On top of everything else, it was hard to deal with."

Williams’ brother in Alberta has been taking care of the dog. The family keeps in touch with Ozzy through video chat.

The family inquired about sending Ozzy on Air Canada Cargo, but the $700 cost is something they can’t afford.

"We really miss him a lot," says Brody Williams, 11.

The family put out an appeal for help getting Ozzy home on the classified website Kijiji a few weeks ago. It made it to Facebook and then went viral.

The response has been overwhelming, with people calling and emailing with suggestions.

"It’s just nice to know there’s that many people out there who really care," Allen Williams said.

On Wednesday night, the hopes of the Williams family were answered.

A man named Lee Yuill contacted the family to say he's driving from Alberta to Wentworth, N.S., and he will bring Ozzy with him, free of charge.

Yuill is leaving Fort McMurray on Sunday or Monday. He’s taking his pickup truck, which means Ozzy will have the whole back seat to himself.

"So many people out there trying to help us and give us ideas of what to do," Allen Williams said. 

Ozzy won’t be home for Christmas, but he should be in Nova Scotia by Boxing Day.