A damaged utility pole on South Park Street, seemingly supported by a jury-rigged contraption of ropes and rods, has some in south-end Halifax worried about safety.

"It's going to come down in the first windstorm, I would think," said Cairns Henderson, a passerby.

The rotting utility pole — on South Park Street near the Victoria General parking lot — is being held in place by a few steel rods and some rope secured to a nearby tree.

"That is rotten. That is very dangerous," said William Taylor.

"If that pole tips that way it's going on somebody's car."

The pole doesn't contain electrical wires, only communication cables belonging to Bell Aliant. However, it is Nova Scotia Power's responsibility to replace the pole or repair it if there's damage.

Neera Ritcey, a spokesperson for Nova Scotia Power, said someone at the utility put the temporary fix in place in January after the pole was hit by a car.

"It has taken longer than it should have to replace it and other priorities took over. We absolutely recognize that the delay is not normal and we are going to address it," said Ritcey.

The Halifax Regional Municipality has sent both Bell Aliant and Nova Scotia Power an order to fix the pole as soon as possible. Though it may look shoddy, Ritcey said the company has faith it will hold for now.

Others, like Janice Bates, aren't as confident.

"I don't imagine that the electrical company did that. Do you think maybe some citizen did that and fixed that up themselves?" she said.

"It looks like what a six-year-old would do to try to fix things, a bit of string," said Suzanne Sauve. "It's kind of interesting."

Ritcey said the utility regrets the delay and plans to fix it as soon as possible.