A mural above the urinal in a Nova Scotia bar depicting women positively reacting to unzipped male patrons is garnering international press and a steady stream of customers.

The picture shows one woman peeking over her glasses, seemingly impressed. Another points two thumbs up. An elderly lady appears shocked.

A British newspaper called the Daily Mail ran a story about the photo at Your Father's Moustache in Halifax a few days ago and other media have followed suit.

Since then, bar owner Shaun O'Hearn said more customers have come to gander at the loo art. He said he came up with the idea a few years ago.

"I'm a little bit surprised by all the attention I'm getting all of a sudden," he said. "Customers love it. I have men coming out of the bathroom going to their wives saying, 'You have to take a look.'"

O'Hearn said he often catches female customer sneaking into the men's bathroom for a peek.

"I find a lot of people at the bar have something to say about it, really good things," said bartender Emma Kavanaugh.

"Lots of laughter."