Five homes in a high profile section of Halifax's south end have received orders to "remedy dangerous or unsightly premises," and the neighbours are not impressed it's taken so long.

They were nice homes, once. But the owners have allowed them to fall apart, neighbours said.

"Its been going on for at least, in my knowledge, two years," said neighbour Misty Cartmill. "Obviously we have beautiful homes we look after, and we try to pride ourselves on that."

The houses have large back yards, which are frequented by teenagers. The properties are on Tower Road, a block from Point Pleasant Park. Every day, thousands of people pass by on their way to the park.

"It's one of our major tourist attractions," said Maureen Keough, a Tower Road resident. "It has to look bad to anybody viewing the city that there are four houses here that are in pretty awful condition."

Four of the five properties are owned by a consortium.

The president of the group, realtor Peter Brouwer, said three of them will be demolished as soon as all of the legal paper work is in order. He hopes that will be finished before the summer is over.

The owner of the other property, Youssef Ghosn, says it will be demolished in the fall and replaced with luxury condos that will be built within the next year.