One of the top executives at GoodLife Fitness has opened her wallet and sent one of her workers and his family from Manitoba to the Celtic Colours music festival in Cape Breton.

Jane Riddell, chief operating officer with GoodLife, decided to pay for the trip after going on the show Undercover Boss Canada.

On the show she shadowed some of her employees as they went about their work. One of those workers was Matt Beynon who maintains the equipment at GoodLife gyms in Winnipeg.

"It all came about as a result of me being tricked into a reality tv show," said Beynon.

In January, a disguised Riddell spent the day with Beynon, as part of the popular TV show.

Beynon thought the day was being filmed as part of a training video.

Throughout the day Riddell discovered that Beynon and his family love traditional music.

At the end of the reality show as a thank you for Beynon's good work, he and his family were given a trip to Celtic Colours taking place in Cape Breton.

"This is just quite mind-blowing to me. Family vacations for a family of six on a single income, no matter how good it is, it's a bit of challenge. We go camping, we have a really great time, but we have to watch the pennies," said Beynon.

"To be able to just come and eat in restaurants and take in all the music and stay in a beautiful place and not have to worry about any of it, it's really nice."

Beynon and his wife have four children that range in age from nine to 17 and they all play instruments.

"I've been inspired because I play the violin and so many people in the concerts play the violin so I've been seeing interesting things that they do," said Caleb Beynon, 12.

"I actually had a lesson and learned a little bit of the Cape Breton style."

Caleb's younger brother, Aaron, said he enjoys the music as well but he has learned to appreciate something else about the trip.

"I'm really excited because I get to eat lots of seafood, like lobster and stuff," said Aaron.

The Beynon family will watch one last concert on Saturday afternoon before flying back home to Manitoba.

"We're just overwhelmingly thankful for being here, even after seven days it's still almost too much," said Beynon.