The team may not exist, but fans of the Atlantic Schooners are in Regina to celebrate the Grey Cup this weekend.

The proposed east coast CFL team brought music and merchandise to the party, despite having no franchise. 

"We need to let people know that we want a football team. We can't just sit back and do nothing. Our presence here at Grey Cup Regina boldly makes that statement," said Schooner booster John Ryerson. 

The CFL has expressed interest in the team, but the lack of stadium is a major obstacle. 

Commissioner Mark Cohon said it's something the CFL is exploring. The three recent games in Moncton have gone well, he said, but he's also looking at Halifax. 

"[Moncton is] a very small community, small market, small stadium. The new mayor in Halifax, Mike Savage, wants to build a new stadium," Cohon said. "In the new year I'm going to be heading out to Halifax to meet with some business leaders, some political leaders, and start to seed the market place."

He said in the past, the league had too many troubled teams struggling to keep afloat to think about expanding. But the new Ottawa franchise will start next season and most teams are doing well.

"What I like is a community-owned team in the Maritimes, just like the Riders, the Bombers and the Eskimos," he said.